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Specialty classes are not mandatory for graduation.

Living art dance studios specialty classes

Sur le Pointe

8th – 12th grades

Pointe dancing is available as part of our advanced curriculum. Students will be placed on pointe shoes at the discretion of the teacher and must be enrolled in a minimum of two classes per week.

Non-Syllabus / Freestyle

9th – 12th grades

This advanced ballet class incorporates other ballet styles, e.g. the Vaganova method and the Royal Academy of Dance method, to develop a more comprehensive understanding of ballet. This class will fuse Italian, French, Danish, and Russian styles of ballet to involve the whole body and create harmony of movement and greater expressive range.

Modern / Contemporary

9th – 12th grades

This contemporary dance technique explores the balance between contraction and release, tension, personal expression and use of breath.


9th – 12th grades

In this class, students will be learning soft shoe and hornpipe shoe (hard shoe) styles of dance.



You can register for classes all summer long.