Proper Dress and Hair

for living art dance studios classes

This strict code establishes the discipline required for professional dance training. Students will wear the regulation leotard, which is black and long-sleeved. Pink, matte footed tights and pink ballet shoes are also required for all ballet classes. Leotards embellished with decoration, rhinestones, etc., or with attached skirts will not be permitted. No skirts are allowed in children’s classes and Cecchetti classes. Hair must be pulled up, off the face and secured tightly.

Tap, Jazz and Dance Team students may wear solid colored leotards, tights, dance pants and jazz shoes. Tights are required for ALL classes, even under dance pants. Athletic pants, or any with striping, etc., will not be permitted.

Boys may wear casual street wear for Tap Classes. Advanced boys should wear black sweats or tights with a solid t-shirt for Ballet, Jazz and Irish Class.

All dance supplies will be available for purchase at the studio.



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