School Term

Classes begin Monday, August 21st, 2017

Our school year is based on a 36 week term which spans over 9 months.

Most months will have 4 lessons. Some months will have 5 lessons, while others

may have 3 lessons. At the end of the year, the student will have completed 36 lessons.

Recital week is considered the 36th week.

Inclement weather

If school is dismissed or cancelled due to weather there will be no classes held that day.

Check the website or Keloland.com Closeline for announcements.

Disciplinary Policy

We reserve the right to dismiss any student who is or becomes a discipline problem.

Class Attendance

Attending class regularly is important to any program in order to learn and advance

properly. If you miss class due to an illness make-up classes may be arranged. No

refunds are given for classes missed. We do expect to be notified if a student is

going to be absent from class.

Intermediate, Junior, Senior Classes (school grades 5th and up)

Any lesson missed must be made up within 1 week, or prior to the next lesson,

to ensure that the student maintains consistent strength. Students who do not

make up absences within the 1 week grace period will be dropped from class.

There will be a $15.00 reinstatement fee.

Arranging and attending a make-up class is the sole responsibility of the student.

NOTE: Absences after January 29 (please note earlier date), jeopardize the quality of the dance recital numbers. Students must maintain 90% attendance to participate in the recital. Therefore students will be allowed no more than 2 absences per class for the remainder of the year. These

absences are not to be made-up. Any absence beyond 2 will drop the student below the 90% attendance ratio in that class.

In emergency situations, where absences exceed 2 per class, a private lesson will need to be arranged with the instructor of the class at $20.00 per 30 minute lesson. This will qualify for an

hour class lesson. The private lesson must be made up, or scheduled with the teacher,

within a 7-day period following the missed class which dropped the student below

90% attendance.

Graduation Solo Requirements

Graduation candidates from the studio must:

•    Have completed a minimum of 800 class hours.

  1.    Have passed all of the Cecchetti student examinations I-III.

  2.    Have maintained a minimum of 3 classes per week, one class each in ballet, tap and jazz,
       the four years prior to graduation.

•    Perform ballet, tap and jazz in the recital, in at least three of their remaining four years.
     Senior year is mandatory.

•    Have completed high school graduation requirements.

Due to the unique technical curriculum of the
Living Art Dance Studios, it is important that each
student upholds our studio philosophy in all of their
dance experiences. Therefore, students are not
permitted to concurrently enroll in similar technique
classes-curriculums of other dance studios/programs.
Ethnic classes are an exception. Failure to comply with
this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the studio.

Core Classes



Classical Ballet


Cecchetti Ballet



Musical Theatre

Specialty Classes

Sur le Pointe

Company Ballet




   Grades V

   and VI




Dance Team